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50 houses burned in natural fire in Jawzjan province, officials

SHIBERGHAN: At least fifty residential houses have been burned by natural fire in the country’s northern province of Jawzjan, officials said Wednesday.
Up to fifty residential units have so far been torched by natural fire in Faizabad district’s Mardian village of the province, Mullah Serajuddin Ahmadi, the provincial police chief of Jawzjan told media.
The fire did not leave life loss, but it left two people injured and inflected heavy property losses, said Ahmadi who termed the situation dangerous as firefighters failed to distinguish the fire engulfed the village.
People are leaving their houses to flee the fire spreading the entire village, according to the provincial Director of Work and Social Affairs, Qari Noorullah Mesafer.
The reason behind the fire was not yet clear but, high temperature and the availability of oil shafts in the area, with over 1,200 residential houses are expected to be behind the incident. Few weeks ago, forests of the country’s eastern Nuristan province, also took fire setting ablaze thousands of trees in the mountainous province.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.