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350,000 students in govt., private universities, MoHE

Congratulating ‘International Students Day’ to all university students, officials of the ministry for higher education say that currently, 350,000 students are studying in the government and private universities and the ministry is making effort to provide them with better educational opportunities.
Replying a question about universities students’ situation, the ministry’s spokesperson, Dr. Faisal Amin said the ministry’s leadership has always made effort to pave the way for higher education facilities to universities’ students.
The higher education opportunities are including new educational methods, establishment of library, hostels for universities’ students and their access to modern technology, he stressed.
Fortunately, in accordance with the country’s constitution, the bachelor period is free of charge, thus, our universities’ students should use these opportunities in a best way, he further said.
Our universities’ students are studying bachelor, master and PHD periods in India, China and some other countries, he said, adding the ministry of higher education would further provide the ground for students to study in and abroad.
On scholarships, he said, many countries such as India, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, China and some other entities cooperating with Afghanistan as project have donated scholarships, as India has so far donated 500 scholarships to the ministry of higher education.
There is no doubt that the scholarships are imperative to us, because, they will help the teachers and students to enhance their experiences and would be effective to their professionalization, he stated.
To improve the higher education quality, pointing to some strategies he said we were trying to institutionalize higher education quality’s principle in universities and raise the standards in a bid to further win the people’s trust in the government and private universities.
One of the people’s concerns is lack of quality and receiving high fees by private universities. The ministry of higher education says based upon the country’s constitution, the private universities have been allowed to receive as much as fees they want and we cannot interfere in this respect.
But, supervising the private universities are among the points the ministry would take serious action on.
The ministry’s spokesperson asked all universities’ students studying in and abroad to avail the opportunities and enhance their education level so they can serve their country and people in the future.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.