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$300 thousands to spend to repair two electricity pylons

By: Shukria Kohistani

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) has said that based on assessment, repairing and reinstallation of electricity pylons in Kalakan district will take 20 days and cost $300 thousands. It is said that two electricity pylons were destroyed days ago as a result of mine explosion.
DABS has said that it has been able to reconnect 70 megawatts importing electricity to Kabul. The electricity company has said that it will soon temporality reconnect other 150 megawatts importing electricity to Kabul.
According to DABS, reinstallation and repairing work on the two electricity pylons will take 20 days. No individual or group has taken responsibility for destroying the electricity pylons in Kalakan district. A number of Afghan citizens while condemning this irresponsible act consider destruction of electricity pylons as an inhuman act, asking the government to identify those destroying electricity pylons and introduce to judicial organs.
In interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent, a number of Kabul residents say the government should take serious action against those destroying the public infrastructures and submitted them to judicial organs for punishment.
“Enemies of the people of Afghanistan have no other work except destroying public infrastructures and killing innocent people. They have been defeated in battlefields; therefore, they have turned to inhuman acts,” said Hakim, a resident of Kabul.
Haroon, another Kabul resident, says I think irresponsible armed individuals put explosives to destroy electricity pylons and nobody knows what they want.
“Public infrastructures are the country’s national capital; therefore, they should be protected rather than destroyed,” Haroon said.
It is not the first electricity pylons are destroyed by unidentified armed individuals in various provinces of the country. Previously, the pylons had been repeatedly destroyed in Baghlan province during winter. This comes during the holy month of Ramadan. Destroying the electricity pylons has put residents of Kabul in dark particularly during iftar and early morning.
According to residents of Kabul, electricity problems have increased recently in Kabul and other provinces of the country. It is said that a big part of DABS incomes are collected by Taliban in various provinces as Faryab, Kunduz, Baghlan, Helmand, Badghis and Herat.
A number of Afghan experts believe that Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat (DABS) always faces with shortage of financial resources and is not able to pay the revenue to countries exporting electricity to Afghanistan.
“The incomes collected by armed insurgent group under their control area reach to nearly 15 – 20 percent. They collect the revenue from not only DABS but all other institutions,” said Faiz Mohammad Zadran, an Afghan expert.
Nevertheless, a spokesperson to DABS Sangar Niazi says the new leadership of the electricity company has been able to collect nearly 28.3 billion AFG electricity revenue in 2020, showing 4b Afghani increase in electricity revenue.


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