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200 Hindu, Sikh families may return next month, Manjeet Singh Lamba

KABUL: The head of the Sikh and Hindu community Manjeet Singh Lamba, in an interview with the TOLOnews said that currently, around 40 to 50 Sikh and Hindu citizens are living in the country, but close to 200 Sikh and Hindu families are expected to return to the country in the next month. “Since the Islamic Emirate has recaptured the country, our people are gradually returning. There are some problems with returning to Afghanistan, such as visa issues. Currently, fifty or forty-five people are living in Afghanistan,” TOLOnews quoted Manjeet Singh Lamba as saying. Meanwhile, several Sikh citizens said they expect the Islamic Emirate to take steps as soon as possible to recover their seized lands. Surjeet Singh, a resident of Afghanistan, called for the pro tection of minority rights, especially for Hindus and Sikhs in the country. “Hindu families who had come before went back to India and are now returning. Their lands have been seized, and we want the Islamic Emirate to return our lands. Although there is now security, we want our security to be further ensured,” Surjeet Singh told TOLOnews. “We are business-minded people and create favorable conditions for business,” said Jagmohan Singh, another Sikh citizen. The Islamic Emirate pledged that the rights of all minorities in the country are protected. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, emphasized that if the lands of Hindu citizens have been seized, they can appeal to judicial and legal institutions. “If their rights have been violated, the doors of all courts are open to them, they can file a lawsuit, and the Islamic Emirate supports them. We do not allow the rights of any Afghan citizen to be lost,” he added. “The issue of seizing Hindu lands is being thoroughly and completely investigated. If someone’s land has been seized or there is an attempt to seize it, it will be prevented, and the properties will be returned to their rightful owners,” said Barkatullah Rasooli, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice. In recent years, minorities, especially Hindu and Sikh citizens in the country, have occasionally been the targets of various terrorist attacks. Ahmad Tamim

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.