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14,000 Afghan families return from Pakistan via Spin Boldak

KANDAHAR: As many as 14,000 Afghan families have so far been returned from Pakistan via the Spin Boldak crossing port to the country, the provincial Refugees and Repatriation Department said in a statement the other day. “More than 500 to 900 families returned daily to the country through the Spin Boldak crossing port, which most of the returnees are residents of other provinces,” the statement said, the country All returnees have been provided accommodation, food and other items they needed and residents of other provinces were paid transport fares to reach their destinations, the statement quoted. The returnees are happy with the accommodation and other facilities provided by the government. One of them, Mohammad Akbar, said he was happy to have returned to the country along with his family. However, he is concerned about employment. Hailing from Kandahar, he lived for two decades as a refugee in Pakistan. In Afghanistan, he has neither a house nor land to build a house for himself. He confirmed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) had promised to offer him a piece of land for a house. Abdul Samad is another returnee, who worked as an automechanic in Pakistan. He believed if he got the same kind of job here, he would be able to earn a livelihood for his family. Abdul Samad said: “I have brought some light tools here but sold heavy items in Pakistan. if I find the remaining tools, I won’t need any help and will be able to earn money for my family.” M. Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.