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12,000 criminal cases registered last year: MoI

The Ministry of Interior has reported the registration of 12,000 criminal cases across the country, stating that more than 16,000 individuals have been arrested in connection with these cases. The Ministry’s spokesperson Abdul Matin Qaneh stated that the level of criminal cases has significantly decreased countrywide. In1401 (solar calendar), a total of 11,800 criminal cases occurred, and as a result, 16,600 criminals have been apprehended. The rate of criminal incidents throughout the country has experienced a significant decrease compared to previous years,” the Ministry’s spokesperson shared. Although the Ministry of Interior says it has taken serious measures to ensure the security of citizens, some Kabul residents stated that there are still security issues in the capital Kabul. In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, they expressed that some thieves steal their belongings even during the day, making people’s lives difficult. These residents asked the Islamic Emirate to follow and arrest the thieves, calling on the Ministry of Interior to identify these individuals and bring them to justice as soon as possible. Compared to the past, the level of criminal offenses such as murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping has decreased. In the previous regime, there were so many criminal cases throughout the country, keeping the people awake at night. At that time, our people witnessed consecutive murders of Afghan citizens, armed robberies, and abductions. However, today the level of crimes and offenses has decreased, and the Islamic Emirate must take further steps to ensure the security of citizens and impose the harshest punishments on criminals after their arrest. According to the citizens, poverty and crime are parallel lines in Afghanistan, causing people to suffer from poverty today, and the low level of education in the country still leads some individuals in society to engage in criminal activities, making life difficult for some citizens. They believe there are ways to reduce the level of crimes, and providing employment opportunities for low-income individuals plays a significant role in reducing crimes in the country. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of the country’s statesmen, who should create job opportunities for unemployed people. Furthermore, some experts in military affairs urge the government to address the root causes of criminal offenses in the country by investigating the main indicators of crimes. “Professional individuals should be recruited into the police force because professional police can bring about the best order, and if the police operate weakly, the level of crimes will increase in Kabul,” said Asadullah Nadim, a military expert. I hope the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan provides job opportunities for the people so that the level of criminal offenses in the country decreases because this is the best way,” said Sarwar Niazi, another military expert. According to him, the unemployment rate in Afghanistan has reached its peak in recent years, and most unemployed youth resort to illegal and criminal activities to make money. Experts also believe that the increase in criminal offenses is closely related to poverty and destitution, and by reducing poverty levels, criminal offenses will also decrease. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.