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104 candidates reinstated in parliamentary elections list, ECC

Following protests of a number of parliamentary election candidates, Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) says from among 141 candidates that have been dropped from list of parliamentary election nominees, 104 were reinstated in the final list after protests and reviewing their documents.
In very recent move, a special commission has removed 20 nominees accused of having armed irresponsible individuals after reviews.
According to a member of ECC Ali Raza Rohani, reviews regarding appalling of nominees removed from IEC has started and will be soon decided in this regard.
“A number of individuals who have been removed might be re-included after reviews. The list has been announced only for the nominees and the list will be soon submitted to IEC after ECC completes its reviews and it is IEC that will announce final list,” Rohani added.
Based on elections laws, preliminary list of nominees is provided by IEC and later shared with Electoral Complaints Commission. In this phase, those nominees that are disqualified by IEC can appeal by delivering their documents to ECC and can be re-included in the final list after reviewing their documents.
ECC has lately declared that they removed names of 25 nominees who are accused of crimes and having armed irresponsible individuals from nominees’ list.
According to Transparent Election Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA), electoral commissions should review all documents of parliamentary election candidates with full transparency and precision and should not let names of accused candidates to be reinstated in final list.
“Names of powerful figures, criminals and those who have armed irresponsible individuals should not be reinstated in final list of parliamentary election candidates,” Yousuf Rashid, chief executive of TEFA said.
An Afghan political expert Ali Rahmani while welcoming removal of names of those parliamentary candidates who are accused of crimes says now the people of Afghanistan know that such individuals cannot represent the people who prefer to vote young and educated youths rather than criminals and land mafias.
“Experiences have shown that those are accused of crime and having armed irresponsible individuals cannot represent our innocent people as they are interested in their personal interests in all issues; therefore, it is necessary that the people of Afghanistan should elect their real representatives in coming parliamentary elections,” Rahmani added.
Based on IEC statistics, over 2,300 candidates across Afghanistan have nominated themselves to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for October 20. 
The IECC’s special commission started assessing about 200 complaints against hopeful candidates last month. The commission later changed its mechanism of assessment and assessed 137 complaints. 
From 137 complaints, the commission disqualified 25 candidates and issued warnings to eight others.

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