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100,000 Army to be formed

KABUL: A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said that 80 percent of the work for forming 100,000 strong Afghan National Army (ANA) has been completed The Kabul Times reported.

Enayatullah Khwarizmi, the MoD spokesman said that Priority is given to the forces of the Islamic Emirate. He added that registration is underway and so far 80 percent of the work on forming the ANA has been progressed, which will be completed soon.
The MoD has assigned a committee of 20 persons who will make the final decision on the composition. The Ministry of Defense also said that the personnel and soldiers of the previous regime have resumed their work in the Ministry of Defense and the corps.
According to another report, from the Ministry of Interior, some 200 special operation forces are graduated after 3 months of special and tough training.
These forces are highly equipped with modern technologies as binoculars, laser weapons and have been trained to operate in all climate conditions in any type of battlefield including rural, urban, deserted, and mountainous areas.

The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.